GpsGate 2.6

An essential GPS tool that allows for better connections

Using Franson GpsGateTM it is possible to share one GPS between many applications running on a laptop or handheld computer. Today’s solutions only allow one application to take exclusive access of a connected GPS. As more applications are becoming position aware, GPS sharing will become a necessity.

Main features
• Share one GPS between several applications
• Garmin USB to NMEA conversion
• More stable GPS connection
• GPS simulation and logging

Share GPS

One application doesn’t solve all needs for one user. The ability to run several applications at the same time is the key to all modern computing. The same logic goes for GPS applications. But using today’s GPS tech-nology this isn’t possible! GpsGate overcomes this limitation, and makes GPS users much more productive.

GPS simulator

GpsGate can simulate a GPS travelling between a set of user defined waypoints. This is great for indoor demonstrations and development.

An advanced GPS application for your PDA.

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